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Project Scope

188,000 sq ft office space, 1,022 employees

Project Details

Harman International engaged Office Furniture Solutions and Teknion to provide furniture and related design services for a build-to-suit project in Novi, Michigan. Harman’s goal was to consolidate 5 different business units into one new building. The result was the state of the art technical center you see today with all the departments operating under one roof. Harman’s goals of decreasing the square footage required on a per person basis along with increasing operating efficiencies were reached. The impact the new space has had on their image to the marketplace and internal employees may be their greatest accomplishment.

Products Used

Teknion Leverage, Teknion Expansion, Teknion Dna Modular Couch, Studio TK Fractals, Studio TK Metropolitan Chair, Global Vion Chair


Bruce Bullard Owner/Principal

Laura Smentowski Interior Designer

Emily Johnson Interior Designer

Kristy Gursky Project Admin

Shannon Burns Project Manager